1. Stone Crusher
We monitor the raw materials, starting from boulders. We closely monitor the crushing process and develop them professionally.
2. Stone Crusher unit which
provides the raw materials / Crushed stones for asphalt hotmix production.
3. Cold Bin
Material container for sizes 0-5, 5-10, 10-15, 10-20 mm and Sand.
4. Feeder for Drier
The Plant shall be provided with an accurate mechanical means for uniformly feeding the mineral aggregate into the drier. Feeder for aggregate should be belt conveyor. Feeders have to be calibrated for their gate openings and speed.
5. Oil Heater
Equipment for heating asphalt.
6. Screen
Plant screens, capable of screening all aggregate to the specified sizes and proportions and having normal capacities slightly in excess the full capacity of the mixer shall be provided. They shall have operating efficiency such that the aggregate deposited in any bin shall not contain 10% of oversize or undersize material.
7. Operator Room
Asphalt Mixing Plant Operation Room.
8. Laboratorium
For designing the Mix design - Job mix and doing our Quality Control.